Canfield Brags 2008

BOB - Chaos (Tara Darling)
Winner's Bitch - Trust (Sue Anderson)
Q in Novice Obedience - Trust and Megan (Lonnie Sparks)

BOB - Guinness (Jim Rubin)
Winner's Bitch - Lila (Laurel Baglia)
Q in Novice Obedience - Trust & Megan (new CD for Trust and Sue Anderson)
Q in Rally Excellent & Advanced - Toir (Rick Mulkearn)
Q in Rally Novice - Tatters (Kent Shaver)

Saturday (Supported Entry)
BOB - Tegan (Shona Ensign)
BOS - Chaos
Winner's Bitch - Megan (Lonnie Sparks)
Q in Open Obedience - Kerrie (Lonnie Sparks) (new CDX for this team!)
Q in Novice Obedience - Megan (new CD for Megan and Lonnie Sparks)
Q in Rally Novice - Tatters & Clark (Stephanie O'Reilly)

BOB - Guinness
BOS - Trinity (Karen Mulkearn)
Winner's Bitch - Megan
Q in Rally Novice - Clark

To keep it in the family, Megan's mom Scout got 2 Rally excellent
legs (Saturday and Sunday) with a first and second place. Megan's
brother, Clark, got two first places in Rally novice.

Thanks to the LEIWSC for making Canfield a great time! As always,
it was great to show in rally with Evie as the judge. I heard many,
many compliments from fellow exhibitors
about what a nice judge she was.

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The Lake Erie Irish Water Spaniel Club promotes the Irish Water Spaniel breed in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and the province of Ontario, Canada. We welcome IWS members from all areas. The focus of topics at this time is the creation of the club, planning matches, and educational seminars.


Proudly we declare an Eire HERO IWS!

When I first saw the newspaper article I said "Wow, that looks like Joni!" A few phone calls later have proven that this PA hero dog is a Joni (Ch. Eire's Every Little Thing") daughter. Her registered name is "Eire's Kudo's to Mia". Her father is Ryker ("Ch. Beaufield's Make It So".)
We are very proud of her.
Her original owner died at a relatively young age. She has been with his extended family since then. She is now with his cousin (I believe) who works with Ian (Madelaine Dusseau's buddy - registered name "Eire's Free as a Bird" )'s former owner.
It's a small world.
Definiely Kudos to Mia!!

Kathy, Billy & all the proud relatives at Eire IWS

Read the story as reported in The Sentinel